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The Terrible Tenor


DID YOU KNOW? Fun facts About Celtic Culture

What are Bagpipes?
They only look like an octopus wearing pajamas…bagpipes are a class of musical instrument, using enclosed reeds fed from constant air in the form of a bag.

What is haggis and how is it made?
It can be gross or good! Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish. Haggis somewhat resembles sausage. It is the stuffed entrails of a sheep, cow or other animal.

What Can You Do at Highland games?
Celebrate Celtic culture, eat a meat pie, watch pipe bands compete, see sheep-herding trials, watch athletes compete in the caber toss, hammer throw and sheaf toss, see Highland or Irish dancers, and enjoy a wee bit o’ Scotland.

Why do the Scottish wear kilts?
A Kilt is a traditional garment of modern Scottish and Celtic culture with a plaid pattern known as the tartan. Each clan (family) has their own special tartan. Never call them skirts!

What’s Tenor Drumming and how come it’s so cool?
Tenor drummers in pipe bands play the instruments with beaters on the end of long sticks, which are then tied to the fingers; tenors occupy the row(s) between the bass and side drummers. They wave and twirl the sticks in time to the music. This is called the 'flourish'.

Is pronounced with a hard 'K' sound, as though it was spelled 'Keltic'.


Download a picture of Gracie McPhee to color!

What is there to say? Tenor drummers rock! Especially Tyler Fry who taught me everything I know about being fabulous!
- XOXO, Gracie

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